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    Mental Health Issues Related to the Loss of Teeth

    Depression and isolation

    • Studies show, those missing teeth are at higher risk for depression.
    • Many people are too embarrassed to smile or eat in public
    • Feelings of depression and embarrassment lead to people isolating themselves from the outside world.


    • People missing teeth have higher levels of anxiety.
    • This anxiety is usually related to feelings of insecurity and feeling judged by their appearance.

    Lower Levels of Self Confidence

    • Because tooth loss leads to premature aging and insecurities, it is easy to see why people lose their confidence.
    • Lower self confidence is linked with lower performance levels in work as well to negative consequences in people’s love lives.

    Tooth loss causes negative physical changes and functionality problems.

    Tooth loss leads to changes in the facial structure

    • Tooth loss increases the risk of losing more teeth.
    • Bone loss occurs rapidly after the loss of a tooth
    • Tooth and bone loss create a snow ball effect speeding up the resorption of the jaw and the loss of more teeth, which leads to premature aging.

    Problems in Speech

    • The more teeth that are lost the more difficult it becomes to make certain sounds.
    • Denture patients have more sever problems in speech, which can be embarrassing and frustrating.

    Inability to Chew Certain Foods

    • Missing just one tooth makes it more difficult to chew foods and avoiding that area puts more force on other teeth and can be painful.
    • As you lose more and more teeth and your jawbone resorbs, foods like steak and vegetables are no longer an option.
    • Some denture wearers have the same chewing forces as an infant, which means only liquid and puree food choices.

    People with tooth loss or gum disease have an increased risk of disease and early death.

    Diseases and health issues linked with tooth loss:

    When we have problems with the health of our mouth and teeth, this can be an indicator of more severe internal health issues.

    • Cardiovascular or Heart Disease
    • Obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Dementia
    • Kidney disease
    • Certain types of cancer including Oral, pancreatic, lung. Upper gastrointestinal and breast cancers are more likely with gum disease and tooth loss are present.

    Heightened Risk of Early Death

    • Studies show that people with less than 22 teeth live 10 years less on average
    • With a limited diet and so many health issues created by tooth loss, it is easy to see why early death is common for those without teeth.

    How Can You Benefit from Implant Therapy?

    Look Younger, Feel Healthier, Live Better

    Implants can help give you the ability to look your best by giving you back a more youthful smile. As we age and lose teeth, our facial structure changes as well as our ability to chew certain foods. Implants replace these missing teeth and reverses the aged look of sunken cheeks and wrinkles. You will also have a healthier diet because you are not limited in what you can eat.

    What Most People Don’t Know About Tooth Loss

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    Increased Confidence

    • Take pride in a great looking smile
    • Look younger immediately
    • Facial structure is corrected reversing your aged appearance
    • Better health makes you feel like you once did
    • Smiling more is medically proven to enhance mental health
    • Studies show that both men and women list a nice smile with nice teeth as one of the most attractive features

    Greater Chewing Ability

    • Renewed chewing force up to 100% of previous strength
    • Unlimited food choices
    • Never have to take teeth out to clean
    • Teeth never move out of place
    • Dental implants are made to last decades
    • Feel and function like natural teeth

    Improved Health

    • Studies show people with healthy teeth live longer
    • A better diet prevents problems like obesity and diabetes
    • Improved mental health because of self-confidence
    • People missing teeth have increased risk of death from heart disease
    • Better social life due to a confident smile
    • People view others with nice teeth as more intelligent, smarter, and more attractive.

    Learn How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

    Increased Confidence

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